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What can Everest Consulting Services do for you

ECS can help you with your most challenging projects both large and small with ease. Our team has
expertise in many areas of development, support and maintenance.

Custom Web Development

You currently have a website or are looking to build a new one. There are many options available to build fabulous looking site and pages to wow your customers. Challenge is that you are too busy keeping your customers delighted, while you do what you do best, let our team of experts give you the design, platform, tools and plugins that work best for your online store front. We can build from scratch or redesign your current, move your hosting services, domains, or take you in to cloud as you wish.

Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies

Digital Marketing is important part of your website marketing strategies. SEO positions your website in top search engines at a higher ranking by choosing right keywords that are relevant to your niche market or products. Here are a few examples what ECS team can help your business to get better exposure into World Wide Web. Everest Consulting Services (ECS) team of experts can analyze and assess your website, your business goals, and determine the best strategy to position your web pages in high search engine rankings. ECS team will work with you to determine the right keywords and content for your website and the market you serve.

App Development (iOS/Android)

Have a great idea to create a custom app for your brand? Give us a call to discuss your app development project. Our team has successfully launched several apps.

Cloud based Services

Don’t have in house expertise or need extra help. ECS team will be glad to assist your server migration to cloud or set up a new cloud based server.

E-Commerce Solution

Do your customer buy and pay for your products and services online? Do you have an online platform? Do you use shopping cart? Are your current on-line payment services satisfactory? Contact US to discuss your requirements

Site Migration

Your business is growing! Awesome. You are planning to move to a new hosting platform or service, or expanding your web portals and added sites. We can help you to make your move effortlessly.

Project Management

Your project needs an expert supervision so ensure every critical task is carried thru with precision and quality results. No job is small for us either it takes few hours to few weeks (or even months) Let us assess your project so you can focus on what you do best.

Website Maintenance

Your website draws customers that buy your products and services. Site functionality and navigation, landing pages, integration of campaigns, databases, 3rd party integrations of tools that you use, our team can manage site maintenance tasks so that you don’t have to worry.

How Everest Consulting Services can benefit your organization

ECS provides peace of mind from project inception to project completion. Our team of experts will analyze, assess your web requirements, evaluate the right solutions, build and support with your need and budget in mind.

IT Consulting and Project Management

For entrepreneurs new or established, it is never ending list of to-do behind the scenes. It can be juggling act and taking care of the needs at hand. As you grow your business, the operational and technical requirements grow as well. It is not always possible to have in-house expertise to meet the growing needs. Trials and Errors can prove costly. Let us help you in the right direction. We have project management expertise of over 20 years in small to large scale of local/global projects.

Business Coaching

Please Contact us for an FREE assessment even if your need is a short term or you have multiple projects, and do not want to run the expenses of a full time employee.

Customized Software Development

Now a days, there are a plethora of software applications for everything under the sun. Only problem is for your unique set of requirements, you may have to subscribe to multiple software applications. The Licensing costs of each one of them and navigation of several application may be a bit challenging. Contact us for an FREE assessment if a custom application can solve your navigation, data privacy, and access control issues and cost less in on-going licensing fees.

Customized Training Development

Training is critical for so many reasons, there may be compliance requirements, policy implementation, new hire training, leadership development, supervisory skills, sales training, Media or PR relations, Health and Wellness at work, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Listening Skills for Great Customer Satisfaction, Process Improvement, Business Succession Planning, or it is unique to your business’s employees or customers. Contact us for an FREE assessment to discuss your training needs.

Business Process and Work Flow Development

Business growth is great, however a sluggish process or bottleneck can waste lot of valuable time and effort (of-course $$$). Too often, lack of role’s responsibilities can turn into a conflict, and requires intervention, lost time and delays. Our experts will be glad to assess your requirements and develop standard operating procedures. So everyone is on-board what he/she is expected of and keeping your customers happy and satisfied. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

3rd Party Software Assessment and Implementation

Our team can analyze and assess several 3rd Party software applications (and their pros and cons) to match your business needs, so you can choose the right product at right cost.

Business Continuity and Data Security

In today’s market place the data security does not just necessary for very large business of global companies. Your customer data is valuable to your business. The data security threats are not always external, often there are breaches within the Organization. Our team can set up digital privacy measures to prevent unauthorized access. Your business needs security of your client data and assure in case of unforeseen circumstances i.e. floods, fires, or malware infection, the data sources are available to those who you consider your authorized personnel.

Access Control and Authentication

Access controls is secure and permitted Login to access system(s) or application(s) via using passwords, PINS, or biometric scans to log in. An un-authorized access to your business data can mean violation of permitted access and may cause substantial damage to operations. Contact Us for further evaluation of your business systems and access levels.

eLearning System Development

Today’s market is flooded with innovative, proprietary and open source learning systems. Is there a perfect ‘Goldilocks’ system out there for your need that fits your budget, no upgrade to costly licensing platforms and unwanted features. Contact Us for a FREE assessment of developing a system that is just designed for your brand.